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    Cebu Coffee Shops (Part 3)

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    Bagyong Glenda

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    Horny Engineer (Part 1)

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    Kuya sa Umaga, Asawa sa Gabi

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    Reality Stranger than Fiction (Part 4) FINALE

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    Ang Comforter (Part 2)

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    Swimming and Straight Guys (Part 2)

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    Incest ni Seph (Part 3)

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WARNING: This is an r-rated site with of content of male to male intimacies. Please leave this site if you found these materials offensive.

An inspiration from the original KK. Kwentong Kalibugan site which has been down for some time now and has no updates. I wish to relive the site's experience in which the readership not only enjoy the stories but also contributes as well. No relation/affiliation whatsoever to the original moderator/administrator of the said site and the said site.

If you wish to send in stories: If copied from another source, please site/send also the source and author. If it's an original story, just send what name/pseudonym of the author

We also welcome other topics such as links to sites that may held interest to the readership.

If you want to send stories, send it at: kwentongmalibog@yahoo.com

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I want to read sexual stories from other people. Soooo, guys, you can TA me any sexual stories (fetishes, first time experience, most recent experience, wildest experience or whatever) and I’ll be posting everything. It doesn’t have to be just about “sex”. It can be anything “sexual”. Please be anon to avoid awkwardness but if you’re brave, it’s your choice not to be anon. Game? Game. Let us all entertain ourselves, shall we?

-Only anon TAs will be posted to avoid further complications.
-Please try to squeeze everything in to the Tumblr ask character limit. Personally, I am a tl;dr-type of person. I don’t read long posts unless you caught my attention. Be creative. Don’t be too descriptive. Leave some for our imagination.
-No name-dropping. -This is not really a rule but more of a suggestion. I encourage hetero sexual stories as well. Come on, straight people. Don’t let these gay guys think they have more exciting sex lives than you have. Oh, girls, yeah, you can send me messages too. lol
-Again, you can send me any kind of stories. May it be just masturbation stories, first time sexual encounters, craziest experience, whatever. I will try not to put my comments.

As for those who think this is cheap or whatever, think of it as some form of research or whatever scholarly or classy, or you can also go fuck yourself.

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